A Prayer for serious times

donald mclachlan
1 min readJun 19, 2020

Praying for a double portion of the Holy Spirit to shake the foundations of this society…a society that has perpetually engaged in these ubiquitous murderings that cameras are now uprooting.

In regards to our most recent unrest…we as a people must “desist from our timorous slithering” after the heat is gone, retreating back to ‘our way of life’, which will never garner our true peace for this most worthy cause.

We are all heaven’s sons and daughters and as pilgrims, this is no place for permanent lodgings. Continually pray for our brethren who suffer! …and breathe life and light to their weary souls. Let us march on with righteous actions into this earthly darkness, whose physical sunshine is but a temporary respite looming from sea to shining sea.

Pray the God of our forefathers may break these 10 toes and set up the true peace we so valiantly seek…may God have mercy on us and give His strength… to those of us who are left to plod on…amen.