It is once said life is a shadow on a wall, very real, but still an illusion…as time and life moves on the shadow diminishes

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The illusion has been cast, engulfing us with its emotion of sufferings, struggles, joys, gifts, highs, and lows. Question: if this mortal life is an illusion should an illusion feel real?

Beyond the shadows, the eternal proclaims life does not exceed four scores and twenty the mortal offers no objections…

The Universalness of man’s soul

Believe in the higher order of the Most High…our afflictions and convictions that lead to painful addictions…are mere shadows and dust, awaiting the thrust of the higher-order, whose on the cusp of His soon return.

Believe in the higher order of the Most High…as these…

Praying for a double portion of the Holy Spirit to shake the foundations of this society…a society that has perpetually engaged in these ubiquitous murderings that cameras are now uprooting.

In regards to our most recent unrest…we as a people must “desist from our timorous slithering” after the heat is…

donald mclachlan

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